The Semiramis café is a very important place for me because I can recall a lot of pleasant memories connected to it. It is only a few steps away from Partium Christian University, so it’s a great spot for socialization and recharging the old batteries between two lectures. Whenever I need a truly delicious coffee, no other location would come to mind. Especially if friends come along. We can talk about current issues and we set the world to rights. During the summer I prefer to gather with my friends on the terrace, while in winter it is the friendly interior that offers us comfort. The walls are decorated with old pictures and maps, which can even teach you something during your coffee breaks. I prefer places where fun and culture can truly coexist. The café is also suitable for doing homework assignments. Even if I only have a few hasty minutes to complete something for my next seminar, I take advantage of this cosy place.

Even a small café can be a cultural place as long as it is designed to attract a segment that is receptive to it. I hope that this jewellery box of a coffee lounge will hang in there for a long time and will continue to be an emotional and intellectual source for a lot of other people.

By Szilárd Erni-Szakács, 3rd year Hungarian-English major

Photos by Arnold Szabó and Tamás Szabó, 3rd year Fine Arts-Graphics majors


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