angolStudy with the Department of English Language and Literature


English major:

  • English grammar
  • British and American literary histories
  • American, British cultural studies
  • Film and drama
  • Translation studies

How long for?

Three years

What for?

To develop skills in critical reading and writing that enable you to work in such professional fields as education, traslation and interpreting, media, advertising, publishing, PR, tourism, archives, etc.

What after?

Graduate and postgraduate studies in language and literature, social sciences, media studies, journalism etc.

We strongly recommend that you choose from among the Partium M.A. programs:

  • Multilingualism and Multiculturalism
  • European Social Politics
  • Philosophy and Art in Public Space
  • Contemporary Political Philosophy
  • Religious studies

Who with?

Language and literature specialists from the Partium Christian University.