The Fortress

The first time I arrived in Oradea as a first-year-student, I didn’t really know the city, but as soon as I moved into the campus, I got acquainted with a few people, and made some new friends. It was this period when my long-lasting affair with the fortress of Oradea began. First, I was taken there by one of my acquaintances, who unveiled interesting details about it, and soon enough I fell in love with the place. After the first walk around the fortress, I found myself lured back to it countless times. I went there mostly to relax, either with my friends for a conversation, or just for a walk on my own. Other times, I attended concerts and fairs. These memories are all dear to me. Even when we had a short stroll, it was the best place to tell each other what had happened that day. We talked about university stuff simply to break away from everyone and everything after a busy day. Being there was the best program for a weekend break. Truly, it is a place for relaxation. Just like the conversations and the walks, the various fairs and other events I attended were quite special to me. The vibe enchanted me with the holiday spirit every single time. If I had the chance, I bought a small local souvenir. Apart from the memories these objects represented, they were also handmade, and quite unique.

To be honest, I haven’t had the chance to visit too many places so far, but every time I think of Oradea, my fondest memories will always be bound to the fortress. To me, there’s more to the fortress than its great history and beautiful surroundings; it’s a refuge that protects me with its peaceful charm every time I’m there. 


By Lea-Szidónia Vizoli, 3rd year Hungarian-English major

Photos by Arnold Szabó and Tamás Szabó, 3rd year Fine Arts-Graphics majors