PCU in COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning)

Within the framework of our Erasmus + project  Fostering Students’ Interdisciplinary Competence through the Action-Oriented Approach and COIL  led by UKF Nitra, PCU has organized an interdisciplinary COIL(Collaborative Online Interational Learning) course entitled (Re)Adapting Genres: Myths, Literature, Music  and New Media. The course consists of four online interactive lessons  which are being taught by four teachers from our university (Bokos Borbala, Veres Ottilia, Pop Titus, Borbely Julianna) and monitored by  teachers from Poland and Czech Republic between March 7 and April 9.  The participants are an international mixed group of 32 students from PCU, Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

In parallel, our teachers and students are also monitoring another COIL organized by a partner of the project, Myjava College, Slovakia entitled Great Paintings in Detail.

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