Cultural Texts and Contexts in the English Speaking World conference, 26-27 March, Oradea


The Department of English Language and Literature at the University of Oradea organized its fourth edition of Cultural Texts and Contexts in the English Speaking World conference, on 26-27 March 2015.

The English Department of Partium Christian University was represented by Julianna Borbély, Ottilia Veres, Borbála Bökös, Dan Popescu, and Titus Pop.

Dan Popescu’s paper “Images of the Jews in Patrick Leigh Fermor’s Between the Woods and the Water” discussed Patrick Leigh Fermor’s book, Between the Woods and the Waters, claiming that author's narrative is made even more challenging by the predominantly traditional background of the historical realities of the prewar world, against which they are presented.

Julianna Borbély’s paper entitled “Combining modernity with tradition in the Pride and Prejudice of 2005” discussed the 2005 rendition of Pride and Prejudice as a mixture of modern and traditional, and argued that this adaptation attempts to break away from heritage drama traditions by introducing gritty details, three-dimensional props, and new filming techniques.

The paper of Ottilia Veres, “Stories of Intersubjectivity in Beckett's Molloy,” looked at the central motif of Beckett’s Molloy, that is, the mother-son relationship, more precisely, the son’s painstaking search for the mother. Veres argued that Molloy’s account of the encounter of A and C at the beginning of his narrative, the presence of the figure of Saint Roch in the novel, and Molloy’s encounter with the charcoal burner offer stories of parasitical intersubjectivity raising the question whether the relationship between two strangers is in any way different from the relationship between mother and child.

The paper of Borbála Bökös entitled “On the Adaptation of Paul Auster’s City of Glass into a Graphic Novel” discussed City of Glass: The Graphic Novel (1994), the adaptation of Paul Auster’s first novella from The New York Trilogy and proposed to analyze the unique ways through which The Graphic Novel depicts the originally nonvisual elements of the main character’s, Quinn’s identity confusion and isolation.

Titus Pop’s paper, “Transliterated coinages in Amitav Gosh’s Ibis Trilogy – A text-mining Research” focused on the presentation    of    a    digital    charts    resulting    from    the    etymological    study    of    the    multilingual    entries    appearing    in    Ghosh’s    trilogy.