“I was listening to jazz on Bourbon Street…” – Zsófia Vincze in the USA

I had some of the best laughs with someone I knew since kindergarten but was never really close to. I saw real baseball games while chewing on some real hotdog (of worst quality but God, they did know how to make trash delicious!). I was working with people who had no teeth or no home. I was observing deers in the Rocky Mountain National Park. I realised Colorado has the most beautiful skies in the world. I was working at concerts - Rolling Stones was lit! I walked ca. 3000 steps on the Manitou Incline. I was thought to have come mostly from Germany but I was also guessed from Great Britain and South Africa. I got on airplanes as if they’d been buses. I shared a small flat with 6 other people (even forgot what privacy felt like for a while) who meant family to me. I was shouted at by customers for the lack of certain items in the stand which of course wasn’t my fault. I found weed and half a bottle of Veuve Cliquot at a hotel room while stripping it. I was given a seat at the stadium by an old lady for always being so nice. I was listening to jazz on Bourbon Street and stroking alligators in a swamp in New Orleans. In fact, I was eating four days straight in New Orleans. I was watching the sunrise at the Art Hotel at work and the sunset on the Brooklyn Bridge a few weeks later. I was watching the stars from a hot tub in the yard of a wood cabin in the mountains. I was trying to take a decent picture in the crowd in the Central Park. I bought a pair of socks at the MET. I had to get rid of a whole can of peanut butter and ranch sauce at the JFK because my suitcases were simply too heavy. I was worried how my family would look at me at the airport with +4 kilograms.

Zsófia Vincze, 3rd year English Major

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