Drama Translation Week at PCU

Drama Translation Week at PCU
6-12 July 2015
English majors from Partium Christian University and Pázmány Péter Catholic University under the guidance of literary translator and senior lecturer Ágnes Somló are translating 7 ten-minute plays for a week. Special thanks go to Dean Enikő Maior, PhD for making this happen.
At the end of the intensive work there will be a Reader's Theatre performance in which the Hungarian translations will be read by a group of theatre enthusiasts.
Reader's Theatre performance
Venue: PCU inner yard
Time: 12 July 2015 at 6PM
Performance: free entry!


Boglárka Hernyák
Erzsébet Janka Kiss
Edit Szabó
Zsuzsanna Karászi
Mónika Erényi
Eszter Kovács
Zoltán Mogyorósi
Erzsébet Pete-Pikó

Ágnes Szűcs
Ilona Takács – Ottilia Veres

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