Brainstorm Quiz, 2010

Angol szakos hallgatók versenye a PKE Bartók termében. Időpont: 2010.11.08. (hétfő), 18:00 óra.

Brainstorm Quiz posterThe BrainStorm is a competition that comprises teams of minimum three, maximum six students from each year of the Partium Christian University English Majors. Thus each team should be made up of freshman, sophomore, and senior students.

All English major students are eligible and encouraged to participate in the competition.

The competition will be comprised of three rounds, including one quiz questions round, one audio-video round and one performing skills round. The multiple choice quiz questions will be on general knowledge, regarding the subjects taught in the English Department’s curriculum (English language and linguistics, British and American Literature, History, Culture, Film, etc.).

About BrainStorm

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