The History of the Romanian P.E.N. Club

Finally in its printed form, Dan Horatiu Popescu's second 2022 book, and the third in the last 14 months, is a first part from the history on the Romanian P.E.N. Club, as one can see from the title. Pentru o istorie a P.E.N. Club-ului Român: Anii cei dintâi 1922-1925 [For a History of the Romanian P.E.N. Club. The First Years: 1922-1925] is the fruit of the author's secondary line of research in the last six years, hopefully others will follow. The book explores the cultural and political interactions in the literary world of Romania and Europe in the years after WWI, with a view to assessing the impact of the founding of the writers' most important international organization.

Coperta Dh Popescu Pentru o istorie a P E N Club ului Român 300g Mat 3