What is my favourite place in Oradea and why?

This is the question that triggered a response from the graduating English majors of Partium Christian University. Their personal narratives take form both in Hungarian and English in this project. The texts feature different sites of Oradea with the author’s personal touch to each place so that the sentiment, the experience, and the spirit could replace objectivity. The photos for each narrative were made by Fine Arts-Graphics majors, Arnold Szabó and Tamás Szabó.



When I think of Oradea, the first thing that comes to my mind is family travel. Since I was a kid, we have been regularly visiting Oradea, mainly the theater. The image of us getting in the car and setting off on a three-and-a-half-hour journey is as vivid as ever.  Heading for new experiences… Today, however, it is something else that comes to mind about Oradea, and that’s the feeling of home. I have been living in Oradea for almost 3 years and I feel that it has grown on me the way home does. Even when I was a kid, we walked around the theater before the plays, and even then, I was fascinated by the city. I was mostly impressed by the promenade, which hasn’t changed since then, and I must say it’s my favorite place in the whole city.

There is a reason for this. If you set off for a walk there, you’re in for a treat. Along the roughly 500-meter-long street, we can see beautiful Art Nouveau buildings on both sides. It takes me 10 minutes to walk down the street, which is enough to feel as if the wheel of time has stopped. The colours of the buildings and the meticulously elaborated details simply allure me. For me, this is both the busiest and quietest street I’ve ever seen. Why do I say that? Because there is constant coming and going, yet next to a cup of coffee, admiring it from one of the open terraces, I still feel like time is standing still around me.

By Tímea Szász, 3rd year English major

Photos by Arnold Szabó and Tamás Szabó, 3rd year Fine Arts-Graphics majors

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