“Mushroom” Hill

Cliché or not, student life is indeed a new, exciting chapter for every young adult, of which I was no exception. We don’t necessarily experience change as something positive, but some quality relationships and such a wonderful city as Oradea can improve the process. From the first minute, I’ve been astonished by its colourful buildings, parks, and teeming streets. I would classify my personal favourites into two extremes: the main square and the suburbs. If I had to highlight a location, it would be the so-called Mushroom Hill without hesitation.

Why do we hold onto places? The answer is simple: they trigger memories. Early autumn is my favourite time of the year. On such an October day, I visited Mushroom Hill for the first time, accompanied by my two friends. The air was pleasantly cool, and there wasn’t even a need for a coat. We sat down a few meters apart from each other and waited for the sunset with our knees up. Do you know the feeling of being so amazed by the sight that you forget about yourself and those around you? That’s what the Mushroom Hill grants me every single time. The so-called “golden hour” began. We were able to see the whole city in beautiful lights as if we had been outsiders. The ambiance was enhanced by the huge foliaged tree at the top of the hill, the falling of the leaves, and the glimmering lights. Immersed in this feeling, we slowly left the place and shuffled down the slope. For me, Mushroom Hill is a place of retreat, where you’re both present and not, where you zone out and recharge at the same time.

By Hilda Varga, 3rd year German-English major

Photos by Arnold Szabó and Tamás Szabó, 3rd year Fine Arts-Graphics majors


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