Marossy Anna Alley

My favourite place in Oradea is the Körös riverbank around the pedestrian “Garasos” bridge, where the green area is still natural and wild. Nature helps me re-evaluate my whole life here. A special kind of relaxation for me is to listen to the smooth sound of water and the silence that lurks among the trees. Every time I see an oak tree, the green grass, or a simple blue flower, I discover the power of creation in it. Admirable! I used to come here many times between two classes to have a short break. Sometimes I grabbed a book, and I started reading. Somehow even reading is more enjoyable in nature than at home. If I had to write an assignment, I often sat down next to a tree in the hope of getting some inspiration from all this. In fact, I came up with most of my inspired ideas and creative thoughts when I was on the riverbank. Even the topic of my college thesis is tied to this place. I have to admit that I enjoy hiding from the world for a few moments on a place like this. The vibe of the area makes it suitable to get lost in your head and soul. I used to come out here with my university mates for a bit of peace and quiet.

Nature has always had a big impact on me, especially in situations where I would have rather given it all up. At such moments this place helped immediately. This idyllic picture has made me happy countless times since I first set foot there. Whenever I settled down at this place for a few minutes, usually in spring or summer, it only brought me joy.

Sitting there, I`ve often felt some kind of revelation as if it were some sort of gift from life, and for this I am eternally grateful.


By Krisztina Szabó, 3rd year Hungarian-English major

Photos by Arnold Szabó and Tamás Szabó, 3rd year Fine Arts-Graphics majors

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