What Makes Great Networking?

I had the great fortune today, Friday, the 29th of November 2019, during the 1st Networks Conference at the Partium Christian University to find it out! For me it was a joy and honour to interact with professors from Partium Christian University, Debrecen, Budapest, Timisoara, Cluj and Iraq. Their ground-breaking research has taught me about Corpus Linguistics, which helps researchers have access to large amounts of data, CAT Tools (brilliant translating software and applications), the role of the Royal Society, of which correspondence led to the birth of modern science; the connection between football and the collective identity in Liverpool; the pain of writing reflected in the Correspondence of Lawrence Durell and Patrick Fermor and many other innovative ideas based on strong research. From the moment I stepped into the first lecture, I knew I will learn something interesting. All the professors and presenters were so passionate about what they were saying. Their presentations covered the following themes: identity, race, ethnicity, violence; literature, myths; linguistics, ELT; gender, femininity; history, culture; as well as American Literature. I listened to them for almost eight hours. Even now, after the conference has finished I am still thinking of the important lessons that will stay with me forever. Thanks again to Partium Christian University for organizing such a wonderful conference! I truly believe that everyone is waiting for the next one!


By Alex Suciu, English Major


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