WHAT IF…- English and Art Majors at TEDxDanubia 2018


You had learned about the world around and shared your experiences?

You got some extra help in gettinhg about in the world?

TEDxDanubia 2018


6 o’clock in the morning, 13th November 2018, a group of students (Arts majors and English majors) set off to Müpa, Budapest to participate at TedxDanubia. The one-day event started with a session of conversations hosted by the ambassadors of TedxDanubia Conversations Programme – a body Dr. Maior Enikő, Dean of Faculty of Letters and Arts at PCU is a member of. Male and female roles in the 21st century, interaction between work and private life, digital communication are only a few topics tackled in the Conversations where participants shared their experience, ideas, opinion.

The next two sessions covered a large variety of topics presented by specialists: member of the Magyar Tudományos Akadémia, doctors, the Head of the National Ambulance Service, priest, photographer, newspaper editors, music producer, dancer, architect, blogger, teacher, recycling specialist. All of them tackling one major question: how to get around in the world nowadays. On the bus ride back home students’ lively chatter about the topics and their own experiences stands for how useful such TED events are.

Here’s a gist of the chatter:

Ever felt gloomy? Not satisfied with yourself and with what the world is like? Stop complaining, start trusting.

Still don’t like the way the world is turning out? Change it. Start with yourself: stop being addicted to your phone, and read, take a real interest in the world, look around, talk to people. For real.

Make up your mind as to who you are. First clean up the mess around yourself, not others, not the world. Then look around and help others.

Face the new challenges: the fear of the routine of life, the oh-I-need-to-work feeling, of becoming old, and of not committing ourselves to something lest we should miss out something else. And need not be afraid, embrace what you have.

And embrace innovations and look for your own path. Which might not be easy…

…Due to the virtual noise around us– so put the phone and/or camera down and live a bit for real. And remember: a good photo does not give answers but asks questions.

Don’t know what? Fear not to improvise because in order to decide, trust, use intuition, make a good conversation, and create something improvisation is needed.

Still afraid? Who’s brave anyway? We are not born with it, we need to learn it. How? One way is given by Hagakure, a Japanese guide for a warrior which teaches you that you need to act in the span of 7 breaths… if you want to do something, anything.

So what if… we converse, trust, embrace, clean up the mess, mind our own business, block virtual noise from time to time and faced challenges again? We can do it.

By Julianna Borbely


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