London was on my Bucket List

Going to England is definitely part of many people’s bucket lists, whether it is a quieter place or London itself. We were lucky and had the possibility to visit London, something I never thought I’d be able to achieve with my studies. When I received the good news, I couldn’t even believe it, I was amazed. I knew life in London was different, but what I experienced there was completely different from what I previously expected.
Of course, it was crowded and walking on the streets was a difficult task at times, but there were just so many fascinating events around. They have really taken street dancing and singing to the next level.
In contrast, the parks were some of the calmest ones I have ever seen, the animals in Kensington Gardens were too friendly, I just learned that the sound of swans resembles the sound of a pig more than the sound of another bird.
Visiting The Shard was one of the highlights of this trip, The Shard is the EU’s tallest building (taller than the Eiffel Tower by 10 meters) and the view up there is spectacular. It has been my dream to visit this place for more than 10 years so I can confidently say that my bucket list got richer by many beautiful green ticks. (They’re actually black, I don’t have a green pen)
Aside of the wonderful experiences I’ve had there, I also realized that you can achieve anything if you believe in yourself. With the support of the great teachers, classmates and friends I met during my university years, I managed to make my dreams come true and I’m positive that you can also do it!


Márk Dimand

1st year MA student

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