“Going to America is like gambling…” - Klementina Karács

Going to America, I would say is like gambling…you either win or you don’t. I’m 100% sure we hit the jackpot this summer. :) Every experience, be it good or bad, was one of a kind, and something I have never faced before. The little beach town, Old Orchard that we called home for 3 months is a place I will always look back on dearly. We had such nice experiences with employers too, but truth to be told, we did face some difficulties with others. It was all part of the journey, but the amazing people that we have met throughout this summer and the friendships that were made are the true reasons I could never regret signing up to this program. This little story of mine couldn’t be complete without the two amazing people that I had the honor and luck to meet, Denise and Scott :) I can’t just simply call them friends, they have truly become family over the summer. They were helping us, guiding us, loving us, partying with us, and consoling us too when needed. We have so much to thank them for, and I hope one day we will have the chance to repay every kindness and help that they have offered us. The little trips that they have taken us on, all the laughs, the delicious food they cooked for us so that we can have a true taste of America, the movie nights, the European coffee that they ordered specially for us because we hated the American ones :), and of course let’s not forget about the happy hour cocktails after a long day. Lucky us, the goodbye that we had so say is only for a short period, as we are planning a summer to remember for 2020, this time in Europe. To this day, I have no idea how we got so lucky, but I guess we are not complaining. Even though not everyone has the luck to meet a Denise and Scott, America is a pretty fun place to be, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it. It’s a chance I would gladly choose to take over and over again.

Klementina Karács, 3rd year English Major

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