Getting to know yourself - in English

Smartphone in class… what would you use it for (other than social media, to call your Mom about lunch, or send an sms)? At home on your more-or-less mobile bigger-than-phone device how many tabs are open when you work/study (games included)? Is your FB profile identical with YOU (profile being kind of 2D, you being 4D)? And what is “bad” about being online? How can you cope with that aspect? Because cutting the Internet entirely out is not an option. Anyway, not anymore. What you can do is get to know yourself, figure out how you work , what you do and why you do it, so you can work out some coping mechanisms.

And should one discuss these with a lovely community of open minds not afraid to communicate on a language other than their mother tongue (Hi there, Ady-Endre 9AM group!), one has a more-than-easy job. English-in-use and self-knowledge is “gyerekjáték”.

Iskola Másképp 2017.10.30 Getting to know yourself - in English

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