Erasmus experience - Borsos Csilla

My name is Csilla and I’m studying English and Romanian Language and Literature at Partium Christian University in Oradea. Last year I had the chance to spend a whole semester in Budapest, as an Erasmus student. I chose this city because I’d heard a lot about its beauties and its universities.

I studied at Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church, which is also a very nice building, surrounded by a breathtaking greenbelt. Every time I was on my way to the courses, I was enchanted by the trees, cafés, flowers, and The Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library in front of the university. The courses were useful, I really enjoyed listening to the professors’ lectures.

I loved the time spent there. At the beginning, I was surprised seeing that there were many foreigners in the city, but I got used to it very soon. Hungarian people are very polite, whenever I entered a shop, the employees always greeted me and said hi, they were always happy to help the customers. Also, the students are very sociable and there are many places where we can go to have fun, party or simply drink a good coffee.

I have been to many places during my stay, but the most memorable ones are Starbucks (a nice café to chat with the colleagues, but the coffee is overrated and very expensive), Instant (a good and large place to party) and there is a candy shop, named Cukorka – Sweetfabric Budapest, where you can find the strangest combination of tastes, such as gin tonic or chilli. The parks and the squares are beautiful: Heroes Square is a spectacle that cannot be left unseen, it is breathtaking. Also, the castle and its surrounding area are a perfect place for a sunny afternoon with friends. Not only the view, but also the mood of that area is lovely and amazing.

I have met many interesting people from different parts of the world, I have learned a lot about their culture and customs, mostly from my other Erasmus colleagues. I think this is a great opportunity, because I don’t know when I will have another chance to meet so many different people, from all around the world, and to study abroad.

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