English Majors at the University of London, Birckbeck College

Last week two teachers and three students of the English Department of Partium Christian University visited London for a few days and had a jolly good time! :) Titus Pop and Ottilia Veres attended the international conference on poetry studies entitled “Poetry Between Creation and Interpretation“ organized by the London Center for Interdisciplinary Research, University of London, Birckbeck College (21 September).

Titus Pop presented the paper “Social Protest from Blues Poetry to Rock Poetry,” while Ottilia Veres presented “Metamorphosis in the Myths of Actaeon and Pentheus in Ted Hughes’s Tales from Ovid.” The three students accompanying us were this year’s TDK prize-winners: Márk Dimand, Eszter Mondics, and Edmond Kulcsár.

In the three days spent there we had the pleasure of admiring the treasures of the British Museum; the Assyrian and Egyptian Rooms were our favorites this time (“The Royal Lion Hunt” wall sculptures and the Egyptian sarcophagi were breathtaking), let alone the Greek and Roman Rooms (we’ll have to go back!). The peak of the day was the live piano-play in The Coach and Horses sing-along pub in Soho near Picadilly (adored it!).

The second day we visited the National Gallery (seen treasures by Rubens, Velázquez, Titian, Turner and many others (we’ll have to go back!). Had a great day chasing squirrels and ducks in St. James’s park and a fine walk and picnic at Hyde Park. And we played the piano in the London underground at King’s Cross Station next to Harry Potter’s platform 9 ¾ which we also visited :D London is always dazzling with its stimulating cosmopolitan atmosphere!

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